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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

"..I'm addicted, it's a crisis"

So I do have a new addiction. But it's not a crisis. I am so totally sold out on the Wii Fit. See, I got really tired of running outdoors (hot, gross, bleh) but I didn't want to stop working out. So I switched to running with the Wii Fit (along with other workouts). The runs do make me cough, so I figure they're doing their job. I also regularly do yoga, strength training stuff (ab work, leg work, etc.) play games that make my calf muscles hurt the next morning (ow!!) and play some Wii tennis/boxing to beef up those arms. I love it. I really do. As soon as I finish this post, I'm going to do another hour on it. I do about an hour each day. It burns, I really do get a workout from it. And it keeps track of my weight and BMI. It SAYS I gained 5 lbs yesterday, but knowing me, it probably has something to do with when I ate. But the Wii Fit was pretty excited!

Another reason I love doing with Wii Fit is that I know I'm working on getting the body back I used to have. I used to be so strong and so toned, but then I got fat, old, and lazy (haha) and lost most of it. I want to be back in shape, and not just being able to run a mile without too much strain but have my awesome leg strength back, my amazing abs once again, and maybe actually build up some arm strength. My right arm is already stronger from all that Wii tennis I do, but my poor left arm is getting left out. I'll balance it out though.

Ok, seriously, I really want to go play so I'm gone.

Beach in 4 days.
Chris comes home in 3 days.
4 days left to organize the boxes brought home from college.


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LauLau said...

my mom does wii fit and she's lost a ton of weight! I play sometimes too and its a lot of fun and healthy!