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Friday, June 25, 2010

Bloggers, blogs, and bloggies?

The Andrea Standard Dictionary defines a "blog" as "Noun: An online journal being actively updated by a blogger; Verb: to actively write in the online journal."
The ASD defines a "blogger" as "Noun: Anyone who is actively writing in a public or private blog; a blogger may simultaneously be a bloggie."
The ASD defines a "bloggie" as "Noun: Anyone who is actively reading a public or private blog; a bloggie may simultaneously be a blogger."

Now that that's straightened out, it's time to blog in my blog about other blogs and bloggers. (The word 'blog' is starting to look really funny.)

My Go-To Guys/Gal:
Sometimes I have basic CF questions. Sometimes I have more complex questions. Either way, I usually want those questions answered! Googling stuff about CF usually gives me WAY more information than I wanted, tending to result in information overload and a sob-session. I do my best to avoid just parading into the unknown world of the internet with CF questions, but I still want my questions answered. They are usually not questions that I really need to call my doctor for, but I can't ask any of my friends either (seeing as they know way less about CF than I do). So what do I do? I have found a few blogs that are chock-full of good, honest information that I really love. More importantly, these people are actively answering questions with a *positive attitude* and a heart for all cysters and fibros and their families. There are 3 I am going to list because these are the 3 that I actively go to:

Ronnie has on his site the phrase: "It is a place where no question is ignored, no accomplishment is too small, no goal is too big, and every comment is cherished." This is not just something he wrote and ignored. I have never seen a question he didn't answer nor a comment he didn't reply to. Ronnie and Mandi and their newly-married selves are passionate about keeping the CF community positive, active, and inspired to keep fighting. His blog is a wealth of knowledge and a place for funny stories, goofy pictures/videos, and of course good, solid advice.

CG has always been a joy to read. I love her blog because it really does get down past the fluffy journalism and into the tough stuff. She's so real with all her posts and her readers I feel like I've known her forever. Her writing style is informative, creative, and usually pretty hilarious. Oh, and the fact that she calls mucus "yuckies" makes me laugh. The latest drama on her blog is her too-long of a wait for new lungs, but she posts about all things CG and CF related!

I absolutely love this site. Fatboy makes me smile for a couple of reasons: 1-On his blog, his wife's "name" is Beautiful. That's just too cute. 2-I've found that on a lot of topics, we agree 100%. His recent post about smokers, for example, included all my feelings that I'm incapable of putting into words. Feels good to know someone can convert my wordless rage into a readable and relatively calm explanation. Also, Fatboy obviously appreciates every comment left on his blog because he has a response to each one! He's a great site to go to if you want inspiration, laughs, great stories, and an honest look at CF and how it affects us all.

Friendship through CF
Lauren is a girl I met on a CF forum, back when that was my thing, and I loved that she was my age and had an active lifestyle and a positive attitude through it all. She's one of the girls I go to about 19yr old, girl, college stuff! We have a lot in common so it's easy to go to her about stuff that really only applies to us. She's got such a way with words and writes so elegantly and passionately, that her blog is definitely one to save when you want to read about truth, determination, and the love of life!

Jennifer Reasoner is a mom with 3 boys, including a set of twins, one of which has CF. He's had quite the battle already, but at age 1 he's already deployed the fighter within and takes whatever comes at him with smiles. This blog is where Jennifer writes about not only her CF son, but her entire family, and that's one thing I love about this blog. One thing I've learned about getting past CF is looking past it. Realizing that despite all of the treatments and pills, I have a family and many friends who love me dearly and a life I plan on living. Her blog is full of love and compassion for her son's health and for her entire family. Check it out!

Coming soon to a computer near you....
My mom is considering the idea of starting a blog herself!! It's a summer project for the two of us. She wants to make it a blog full of good information for CF parents everywhere. It will be less of a day-to-day blog and more of an information center for CF parents needing answers. Becoming a parents is hard. Becoming a parent of a kid with any disability is even harder. My mom wants to take the knowledge she has from raising a child with CF and make it accessible to anyone. No one should have to go through that struggle alone. I'll keep you updated on the progress!



Jesse Petersen (CF Fatboy) said...

Thanks for the mention! I'm glad I found your site, too.

Andrea said...


Cystic Gal said...

Thanks for the "shout out!" I enjoy your blog as well, and think you're adorable, tough and witty!

Lauren said...

aww love your blog andrea! thanks for the shoutout, cyster !

Anonymous said...

Those are all of my go to sites as well, CG and Fatboy are definitely doing something right!!! I agree with you on Lauren also, she's one of my faves and I've often said that she's me with long hair...and A LOT better looking :)


Jennifer said...

Thank you, Andrea, for your sweet comments about my writing on the blog. My reasons for blogging have turned out to be far different from the reason I first started. As a newcomer, I've loved getting into the CF community through reading everyone's blogs.

Jennifer said...

Oh and I can't wait for your mom's blog!!!