Who of you by worrying can add a single hour to his life? Since you cannot do this very little thing, why do you worry about the rest? Luke 12:25-26

Monday, June 14, 2010

Home, sorta

I got home last night from Panama City Beach. My trip was wonderful, filled with beach visits (day and night), eating at some great restaurants (Margaritaville, Reggae J's, Back Porch, 5 Guys Burger & Fries, etc), hangin' with fam #2, SHOPPING, and jet skis. Ooooh jet skis. I love them. I loved them before, but I *LOVE* them now. I was sore for 2 or 3 days after crazy wave jumping, and still have bruises on the inside of my calves, but it was all totally worth it.

The trip wasn't all great though. There was one thing that rode my nerves more than anything: the insane amount of smokers. There were so many times when I'm sitting on the beach, at night when there aren't that many people out, and someone sits down nearby and lights a cigarette upwind from me. So many times when I was out shopping, I had to leave areas because, as I'm browsing the outdoor areas, or resting my feet on a bench, the smoke rolls in. I'm seriously paying for it too. It was an unavoidable amount of smoke sometimes, and I can feel some junk now piling up in my lungs, more so than before the trip. Not bringing the Vest hasn't helped either though. I took the flutter, but it's not as affective against mass inhalations of smoke as the Vest is. So I'm doing an extra Vest treatment right now, trying to fight back against my struggle to breathe. I really can tell a difference after so much smoke. It really does affect my breathing pretty quickly. And if I'm willing to do extra Vest treatments, that should tell you how frustrated I am. It does feel good getting a lot of this junk up. And, thankfully, on that trip I had a good friend who ran away with me and helped me kindly ask people to smoke away from me (those time when I had been "camped out" on the beach loooong before they showed up). She let me rant about all the smoke a ton, which helped because it was really starting to work on my last nerve.... ugh. (Thanks Kid)

Still doing Cayston. I wish I could feel better, and hopefully I will closer to the end of my first 28 days, but right now I feel worse because of all the smoke. I'm expecting things to take a positive turn soon though.

Around 6pm tonight, I move out to that mansion with my dear friend Casey. As I mentioned before, we are house sitting for roughly 2 weeks. I'm pretty excited but also kinda nervous, with the more I learn about this place. It's under a lot of remodeling right now... a lot. There is one working bathroom, and it doesn't work too well. The dryer doesn't work. Mice have been spotted in the kitchen. I'm hoping there's internet so I can keep the blog updated.

So remember a little while ago I switched from Pancrease MT20 to Zenpep MT 20? I haven't noticed a difference. It has not fixed any of my GI issues like it was suppose to nor really helped my chronic sick feeling, even when I take all the other meds. *sigh* I'll keep taking them, in hopes that maybe it just takes my body a while to get used to new stuff, and talk with my doctor at the next appointment.

Time to do a little at-home relaxing before I pack and head out to my next vacation/adventure. Pictures of my new adventure are coming up, but here are a few more from my beach vaca! Click to enlarge them.


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