Who of you by worrying can add a single hour to his life? Since you cannot do this very little thing, why do you worry about the rest? Luke 12:25-26

Monday, May 31, 2010

Summer days

Nothing to report! Just fully enjoying my summer!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Couch Potato

NOT! Well, I do enjoy my NCIS, Law & Order: SVU, House, and a few other shows, but I haven't completely vegged out. I've been running! Every morning I get up and run a lap around my neighborhood and then tan some (preparing for when I go to the beach in a little over a week). I know, a lap isn't much (6/10ths of a mile I think) but it's a start and I can feel it. I can feel those coughs that bring junk up each time. I can feel my lungs being introduced into hard work again. It's feels so good and so bad at the same time. But my motivation is also pretty serious. Although, as my FB status said recently, "It's hard to be motivated by someone who doesn't exist yet"... I'm running for my kids. For my future family. Because I want to be there for them. I want to be there. So I'm running a little bit every day hoping to work back up to where I used to be. I push myself a little bit more every morning, running more than walking than the day before. I'm trying.

Today was spent with my little "sister" because today was her last day of junior year of high school! So we roamed the town and ate crawfish this evening. Here is the best picture from the day! (Taken in a Target parking lot!)


Saturday, May 22, 2010

The First Days of Summer

What have I done during my first day and 1/2 of summer? Hahah practically nothing. It's been great. Thursday night, I stayed up until about 2 talking a friend who was leaving for Germany the next day. I then slept until 11 the next morning. But after waking up I went to the den and stretched out on the couch for a few more hours. I was ready for the day around 3:00pm when Chris picked me up so we could run a few errands together. Unlike me, he hasn't gotten a chance to catch his breath because he's been so busy. Friday for him included packing for a boy scout national school camp thing, packing for a trip to help his sister move, and driving back to college to get new membered into Pi Kappa Phi, a fraternity he's joining. Saturday morning he left for the national school. I took on the job of sewing on some patches onto his boy scout uniform and they took foreeeeeever and I worked past midnight it. It was pretty easy to stay awake because Mom got this great... idea to watch the original Nightmare on Elm Street on Netflixs at like 8pm. I don't do horror films at night. I love horror films, just not when it's dark already. I stayed busy enough between the time the movie ended and when I went to bed because I didn't have nightmares.... thank goodness.

I've got a little while before I'm leaving home again, which is good. I don't think McKenzy (my puppy) has realized this because she still hasn't left my side for very long. I just got my right arm back from her so I could finish typing this but she's now an armrest for me. She's soooo warm...

This was us last night before bed. I wanted a new picture for Facebook and I wanted her in it. I set her down after this picture and she didn't budge. She was so sleepy!

Today... hmm... today I'm not doing much either. Today is graduation for my college and my high school friends! It was a year ago I was graduating.. how strange. How wonderful. It was an exciting time. A nervous time.

I guess I'll attack the millions of boxes/bags that I brought home from the apartment and figure out what can stay boxed up and what needs to be unpacked. I also think it's time to take a trashbag to my room. There are things I no longer need and I really can free some space up. *sigh* But I really don't want to yet!! I'm still being lazy. I guess I'll figure out a common group or something.

My boyfriend joined a frat. I know I mentioned that earlier, but this is me just thinking about it. How strange!! I love it, don't get me wrong, but he was as anti-frat as I was anti-sorority. Look what's happened to us. :] I'm excited for him.

I'm hungry. Food time (as if there was anything to eat in this house. We need to go grocery shopping!!!)


Thursday, May 20, 2010

Freshman year of college.... *check*

Dear readers: I am a very happy happy person right now. All of the stress of finals has been released. My freshman year of college is over with. The summer has hit me. It's time to RELAX.

The last few days has had some serious ups and downs. Let's recap

Finished my chem & biology final, both on good notes
aka the stress of finals is GONE
Finished my dose of Bactrim!
Actually got an adequate amount of sleep during finals
Erin, Anjea's sister, had her baby girl!!!
I got a 98% on my biology lab final! So I got a 99.5 in the class.

Chris left for the summer
I've felt more sick than healthy
Didn't finish my OWL (chemistry homework)
I fight when I get stressed so stupid little fights with Chris over nothing.
My room looks so barren now that all the stuff is gone. It echoes when I cough. Kinda weird.
I could have made a 100% or a 58% on my psych final and kept my B. I did.
I got an 89 B in math. So annoyed.

So left to do is final packing/loading, CLEANING the apartment with the roomie, playing some Scrabble (for fun with friends before the summer) and going home either today or Friday (haven't decided...)

It's been a great first year and I'm ending with a pretty great GPA. :]

So long college! I'll see you again soon enough.


Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Is it over yet?

Seriously. Make this week end. I'm so ready for Thursday after 9am or so. Then I can pack up, load up, play some mad scrabble with friends, and GO HOME. Currently, at 12:37am on Wednesday "morning", I have 2 finals remaining.


Very soon.

I miss my family, and real food, and my puppy. No, I'm not in a depressed mood, I'm just ready to be home. The sad part is Chris leaves Wednesday afternoon/evening to go back home then he's away more than home until early July. Then, the day after he gets back, I leave to work the Gear Up camp. So I won't see too much of him this summer, and that makes me sad, but it's part of life. He's busy, I'm busy, and unfortunately, we're not busy at the same time!

Ok. It's bed time. Ragan is coming by at 9am to study more. *yawn* here we gooooo


Sunday, May 16, 2010

Finals week... here we go.

Well it has finally arrived. This is week I dread every quarter. Let it begin...

We initiated our Sigma Kappa seniors into alumnae this evening. It was bittersweet.

This evening I coughed until I threw up. That wasn't fun. At all. But, despite feeling sick. I'm doing my Vest right now. *sigh* Ready to turn it off though, but I won't.

Bought a bunch of junk/study food (at Mom's orders) to last me through finals week. Here's to the Dr. Peppers, Propels, Whoppers, Junior Mints, Nerds, and Zapps jalapeƱo chips to get me through finals!! Cheers!!

Saturday morning was the Kickin' Grass for Alzheimer's disease that Sigma puts on to raise money for the Alzheimer's foundation. It was a huge success! But I was tired.

Oh! I had a Pop-Crawfish boil on Saturday. "Pop" because it was like a "pop-quiz": I check my email and it said "Crawfish boil at [church college leader]'s house from 1-4!!" and it was 1:15 at the time. You can bet I White Pages her address, Google mapped it, printed it out, dried my hair, and practically ran to my car to get to her house. I was there before 1:30. I *love* crawfish and I can't stress it enough. The crawfish were SPICY and BIG! They looked like lobsters! And all this with great company made for a wonderful Saturday afternoon.

Time to finish treatment, get some food, and get back to studying. Ahh finals. ONE MORE WEEK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Friday, May 14, 2010

1 more week

Wow. A week from May 13, I'll have taken my last final. HOLLA!! And, facebook doesn't have to be shut off until Aug. 1st assuming everyone follows the rules all summer. *crosses fingers*

I know I did well on my bio lab final, even though I haven't gotten the grade back. I felt really good about it. Not sure how things will go for the rest of my classes (good I hope!) so we'll see.

I've done nothing but MATH homework for the past 3 days. Literally. All of my free time was spent on doing Web Assign (the online math homework program). Miserable. I even brought my math teacher problems today that I couldn't figure out to save my life. So as I'm working on them this evening, I decide to check my grades online. My math homework grade had already been posted. *stomach flips* I didn't finish. I still had 3 sections with 0% finished. Other sections with 9% finished.... I looked at my grade... and i got a 102%! No, that's not a mistake. We got in-class bonus the other day for working hard on an assignment, and the 100% was for seriously putting forth effort to get the work done. While there were a few sections undone, the majority of it was complete. So yay for stressing, hard work, and getting the grade I wanted even if I didn't actually "deserve". I still need to do well on Test 3 to get an A (take the test May 14) and to not have to take her final. Wish me luck!

Then comes finals week! Tuesday- psych, Wednesday- math (optional)/biology Thursday- Chemistry.


But for now, bed time! G'night


Monday, May 10, 2010

2 more weeks

Only 2 more weeks of school and only 2 more weeks of Facebook. Then FB gets shut down for the summer thanks to Sigma Kappa's rush rules. I've already started packing up stuff and taking it home. I'll continue to pack stuff and send it home with Dad, but I'm not going home again until school lets out.

Finals start this week with my Biology lab final tomorrow. I'm not stressing. I have a 100% in there and the final is a practical. Identify this, label that, etc. I am studying for it with a friend tonight, so don't think I'm ignoring it either. Just not worried about it. As our TA told us, don't stress. Most people have a high enough grade they only need to make a 28% or so to keep their A.

But I am worried about my math/biology final seeing as they're both on Wednesday, May 19th. And back-to-back. So not an 8am and a 2pm, but a 12:30 and a 2pm. I think my psych final is Tuesday, May 18th and I know my Chem final is Thursday May 20th at 8am. So, I will sleep the rest of Thursday away, pack some, and finish packing Friday and head home. We'll see how all that works out. I need an A on all of these tests (except the lab final of course.. the one I actually have TIME to study for!)... let the stressing commence in 6 days...


Thursday, May 6, 2010

Things I learned in my freshman year of college...

  1. No matter what you did in high school that made you awesome, no one cares anymore.
  2. Rushing was the best decision I could have made (go ahead and rub it in, Anjea).
  3. Having an 8am class every day really gives you a solid routine, more like the real world.
  4. This is not the real world. Boo 8am!!!
  5. When free food is offered, don't pass it up.
  6. Don't step on PIKE property without being a PIKE, dating a PIKE, or standing with a PIKE.
  7. This really is the best time of your life. Enjoy it.
  8. Be sure of who you are and what you believe in because sometimes it's all you have.
  9. STUDY early.
  10. STUDY during lunch.
  11. STUDY at night.
  12. The library is only open until 11, but Tolly is open until 2.
  13. Only the 5th floor is the quiet floor.
  14. Make memories!!!!
  15. Occasionally, it really is ok to stay up until 2am or later even when you have an 8am class.
  16. Remember what you learned in high school because, dang it, it comes back.
  17. Learn the areas of campus that flood... like just outside your door.
  18. Time flies way too quickly.
  19. Respect your roommate, they know where you live.
  20. Teachers like to move class to another building than the one assigned on the first day. Get there early so you still have time to sprint across campus and not be late.
  21. Go to the football games!
  22. And remember, college is still school. Do your work, make good grades, and then have fun. But don't forget the fun part either.
If I have more, I'll add them in. But now, it's 2:12am and I have a quiz at 8am tomorrow. So good night!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Hot hot hot!

Look, I know it's May, I know I live in the south, and I know the humidity is always high... but seriously I should not feel this hot. I've been "dunking" my head into the freezer to cool me off! I still sleep on ice packs. I'm in a tank-top and shorts today and am still on fire even when the AC is turned up and directly on me. What is wrong with me?! I know I am always warm when I feel sick, but this is awful.

Ok, time to tell the story of my freaky illness on Wednesday. Monday night, I pulled an all-nighter to get homework done for a test I had at 8am Tuesday. Then I slept for 12 hours Tuesday night and studied the second half of Wednesday (because I had class and then rush workshop). So my friend Samantha and I were studying at my apartment until 2:15am. We had just finished when I commented on how dizzy I felt. I stood up and was really dizzy and nauseated. She asked what she could do to help. I said that since I thought it was because I was tired, I just needed sleep, so she left. I called Liz because I knew she was close and studying all night and she's in nursing school now. She said I needed to drink some water. I stood up to go get some and I fell to the floor, too weak to move. She asked if I could get to the door to unlock it. "No". So I woke up my roommate and she unlocked the door instead. This is 2:30am. I get back in bed and Liz gets me water. She feels my skin and I am hot to the touch. I am on fire. She grabs and icepack for my back (which I still sleep on) and Dr. Pepper cans for under my knees and one for under my chin. The room was spinning down and to the left. She got me a trashcan so I could throw up if I needed to. She also got me crackers to get the salt off of (usually makes me feel better) and to munch on something. Liz stayed with me until 5:30 that morning when I finally felt good enough to go to sleep. I still haven't recovered. I'm still burning up all the time (see first paragraph) and I feel nauseous a lot. I think the nausea is from the antibiotic but I'm not sure what the heat is for. Oh, and we took my temperature: 97.1 I'm just weird.

I still don't feel well right now so I think I'm going to eat some more soup. It usually helps things. It puts food in my system without overloading it. Ughh... I'm ready to feel better!!!!!!!!!!!!! And if I knew what was causing me to feel sick, that would really speed up the process.


ps. My neighbor upstairs that I know saw me walking to my door today. She gave me a sideways look and said "I didn't know you lived downstairs....." My (already sick) stomach did flips. We'll see tomorrow what happens with that. Nothing, I hope.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Because the moment was so great...

I took a picture of the LAST TOBI EVER!!!!!!!
(disclaimers: 1- This assuming I never have to be put back on it, 2- Sorry, it's 8 in the morning, forgive me for my appearance.)

I took a picture where I know I look so excited I look like my IQ has dropped several tens of points, but I also know I really am that excited.

Still with family and coping well.


Saturday, May 1, 2010

Unexpected change of plans

I was going to post my latest school excitement, recent crazy sickness, and other such life info, when my plans suddenly changed: my grandfather died Friday night. I took it well when my mom called, probably because I was DDing for some friends and had to keep it together, but once I was back in my empty apartment, I began to sob. And I cried until I couldn't anymore. Then I called my mom wanting to be at home with my family. I hadn't planned to come home, I was going to stay and study and work on projects and such, but there was no way I could stay by myself. So mom left around 12:15 this "morning" to come get me. It's now 3:15am on Tuesday and I'm doing treatment before I get some sleep. My puppy is curled up on my legs.

I don't think it's hit me yet. The words "Pappaw has passed" doesn't make sense. Crap, here come the tears again. But really, those words don't seem to fit together. It's not a dream-like feeling, but it's not real feeling either. It's just surreal. And slow moving. Like everything has come to a stand-still but we're still moving.

I think one of the worst parts is that I feel guilty because I don't have time. His passing came at a really stressful and difficult time for me to slow down. I feel guilty because I feel I'm being selfish. But I think I was being selfish I wouldn't have emailed all of my professors saying I'm not coming to class and then come home.

No one is really sure how the weekend/week is going to go. I don't want to speculate though.

The mysterious sickness I mentioned earlier in the post is still coming and going. I'll talk about it on another post.

My eyes are burning and I just started TOBI. Only 5 more vials after this and then I'm done with TOBI for good.