Who of you by worrying can add a single hour to his life? Since you cannot do this very little thing, why do you worry about the rest? Luke 12:25-26

Friday, November 26, 2010

Thanksgiving Post

Dear friends, family, readers, subscribers, and passer-bys,

I hope every one of you had a fantastic Thanksgiving, if you chose to celebrate it. Not all of my viewers are from the United States, but I still hope they had a happy Nov. 25 yesterday. However, those in the US most likely celebrated Thanksgiving, a holiday to celebrate the pilgrims eating with the Indians so long ago. They had so much to be thankful for then. In my opinion, we have even more to be thankful for now.

When Thanksgiving was approaching, I was thinking about what I wanted this post to say. I thought about a list of things I'm thankful for, but the list seemed to never end. I thought about just writing about my day with my family, but that just didn't fit either. Since I've been home, I'm already read 2 books and I'm halfway through my 3rd. I love reading, but I really only have time for it on breaks from school. Each book has taught me something to be thankful for, so that's what I decided to write my post on.

First book I read was "Love, StarGirl" which is the sequel to a book I love, "StarGirl." In short, StarGirl is a very unique girl who just "graduated high school" even though she's home-schooled. Her family moved to Pennsylvania where she connects with them in ways most people can't connect with people. From this book, I learned to be thankful for our strengths, weaknesses, and the beauty of nature.

The second book I re-read was "Number the Stars" which is a short, kids book focused on two families during the German invasion of Denmark during WWII. One family is Jewish and the other is not. The story tells of how the non-Jewish family protects the Jewish family and how they escape to Sweden. From this, I learned to be thankful for good friends, family, and my freedom.

And lastly, the book I am I re-reading right now is "My Sister's Keeper" (which was butchered in the movie; just read the book, it's phenomenal). It's harder to sum up this book, but it's about a family where one daughter has cancer and the other daughter was born to be a perfect transplant match for her. Now, the second daughter, at 13, has filed for medical emancipation from her parents right when her cancer-stricken sister needs her kidneys. From this book, I learned to be thankful for my health.

1. No, I'm not learning to be thankful for my health because I'm reading a book about a girl with cancer. It's not the "oh, she's worse off" mentality. Not at all. I already knew I wanted to post about being thankful for your health, and this book just said it too.

2. What did I mean "be thankful for my health"?!? I have CF! No, I didn't forget. Trust me, I'm doing treatment as I type this. I didn't forget. But I am very thankful for my health. Read on.

My health has it's ups and downs, along with every other person in this world. My ups and downs might just give you whiplash though. I am not only thankful for the good of my health, but the bad. Yes, you read right. I'm thankful for CF.

I think I just committed a CF-sin saying I'm thankful for it. But it's true. Without a shadow of a doubt, I know that I would not be the same person I am now if I didn't have CF. I also wouldn't know so many of the amazing people I know now, my friends through CF. I wouldn't have this blog! More importantly, my health has made me available to help others, through being an inspiration to some and source of strength for others. I don't think I would appreciate the little things in life as much as I do with CF. I don't think I could love people like I do now without CF. I just don't think I would be the person I've become without CF.

So thank you, cystic fibrosis. Thank you for helping me to become the strong, loving person I am today. Thank you, with all sincerity.

I am thankful for so many things beyond those that I listed here, but there's no way I can list them all. But know that you are on my list of things I'm thankful for. :]


Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Every Life got an award!

I got an email the other day saying my blog was being recognized as one of the top CF blogs of 2010! How cool! I now have the badge over in the top left corner (as you may have noticed). I'm just really excited about it. Another thing to be thankful for!

My thanksgiving post is coming soon! I'm thoroughly enjoying my break from school though. Tonight, Zumba with Mom!

Thanks for the award Registerednurse.org! Click on the badge to see who else won too!


Monday, November 22, 2010

JM update

He got the lungs! His mama said all went well and he's out of surgery. Yay!

The Call for JM

A fellow CFer, who I will refer to as JM, got The Call for his lungs about 7 hours ago. He lives in a city only 30 minutes away from me and the largest group at my local Great Strides walk a month ago was for him. I have no updates other than he got the call. I'll update as I know things.

Thanksgiving post is coming up along with a great video my mom showed me about some upcoming new drugs! We have so much to be thankful for!

Be back soon!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Greetings, from the other side of finals week

The quarter is over and break has begun... THANK GOODNESS. That was a rough quarter, to say the least. But it's over now and it's time to relax for a while, eat lots of good food, spend time with family and friends, and then, once again, start thinking about Winter Quarter.

Health update!
I've still been coughing a good bit (I think it's related to my wacky schedule during finals week) but NO BLOOD!! I can't even tell you how excited this makes me. I still check each time I have a coughing fit, just to be sure, but so far nothing. Yay!

On the other hand, my gut it furious at me. This happens from time-to-time and is where most of my CF problems have occurred. It will pass in due time. Amusingly enough, when my colon makes really funny noises, it freaks my dog out because she doesn't know where the sounds are coming from. Hee hee

Speaking of my puppy, she's been very, VERY clingy lately (I'm talking thunderstorm clingy) and I think it's because she's afraid I'll leave again. The last few times I've been home during college, I've either not stayed the night or only stayed about 24 hours. Not long enough for my dog to be happy with it apparently. She's been enjoyed curling up in my bed with me, I can tell. She's there now waiting on me. Well, she's already napped on my stomach, curled in my knees, and on my feet keeping them warm during the day. Clingy clingy. But I love it. :]

Time to rest up for a Saturday or relaxation. Doing nothing is hard sometimes! Ahh, the joys of break!


To celebrate the week of thanksgiving, look for my upcoming post on things I'm thankful for!

Monday, November 15, 2010

3 Finals down + pictures from the weekend

I just breathed a HUGE sigh of relief after those first 3 finals jam-packed into today. Even though I still have 2 really hard tests left (one Tuesday, one Wednesday), I feel so much better now that those first 3 are behind me!! I felt it was time for a post!

Teaser: some exciting news with Gilead Sciences (makers of Cayston) and some of their partners and me are underway, but no details until later! Just get excited, because I am!!

As of late, I've been devoting almost every free moment to studying for all of these tests. It's been really difficult, but somehow I've managed. My treatment schedule was really off though. For example, I normally do the Vest at night, but I'm doing last night's Vest right now, and will another evening one before I leave to go study. It's crazy, but it's only for a few days. Then HOME HOME HOME AGAIN!! I can't wait, seriously. I just want to pack up and drive home now. If only I didn't have those 2 more tests....

I went home this past weekend for about 24 hours to spend time with my brother/sis-in-law/niece/huskies from Austin, TX, and my in-town family who all gathered for my nephew's 1st birthday party!! Has it really been a year already?! Wow.

Here are a few pictures from the weekend:
Look who showed up! It's me and the boyfriend.
My two brothers with their kids!
Precious, precious niece. I think they look so much alike in this picture.

Such a sweet moment; a mother and her child.
She was so tired!! This picture is just too cute, I had to post it.
And last, but not least, the birthday boy and his mama!!!

Hunger has taken over anything else I can think to type about. Time for food!


Wednesday, November 10, 2010

MIA-- sorry!

Long story short:
Next Monday, I have 4 tests. 3 finals and a make up exam.
Next Tuesday, I have 1 final, a lab final, which is harder than the final in the class.

I have been MIA due to studying and this will continue until quarter break (after I finish my last final).

Otherwise, here is a quick announcement for those of you using Cayston, requested by some folks who work with Gilead:

Also, SAVE YOUR EXTRA SALINE FROM THE CAYSTON DOSE! You never know when you might need them later.

I will make this announcement later too, just to make sure it gets across.

Signing out for another week; thank you college.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Birthday gift from the 'rents

So my big surprise (that AT&T ruined the surprise part partially) that my parents got me was an iPhone 4!! I love it so much. I am the last person in the family to be able to play Words with Friends on my own device! Before, I would just help Mom.

I'm looking for some apps that people find fun, useful, amusing!
Here's what I've got so far:
Plants vs. Zombies (game)
Angry Birds (game)
Cut the Rope (game)
Words with Friends (game)
The Weather Channel (tool)
Pandora Radio (entertainment)
Ringtone maker (tool)
Twitter (social)
Facebook (social)

Any suggestions??

p.s.- THANK YOU MOM AND DAD!!!!! :]

Doctor's Appointment recap!

PFTs: same as my appointment last month
Weight: same as my appointment last month
Amount of blood I'm coughing up each time it happens: less than the time before

My doctor did not see that any action needed to be taken! That whatever the problem was, it was being fixed already. I will stay on the upped dose of Vit. K until the end of the year.

This is fantastic news!!!! Everybody was very confident in me (including myself) that I would get a great report and ta-da! I did!

Thank you for your concerns/prayers/thoughts everyone. I needed to go in to see my doctor and I'm glad I did.