Who of you by worrying can add a single hour to his life? Since you cannot do this very little thing, why do you worry about the rest? Luke 12:25-26

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

46 hours and counting...

46 hours is referring to the amount of time I have been awake. I'm actually, surprisingly, doing well. I pulled an all-nighter doing chem studying/homework for an 8am test I had this morning. I got an A. :] When I tried to take a nap earlier today, I couldn't fall asleep. So I got up and started doing things that needed to get done. So I'm still awake... but not for much longer. Once TOBI is finished, I'm going to SLEEP! I don't have a class until 12:30 tomorrow so I'm not worried about having to wake up early.

So Friday, my mom drives from home to my college to come pick me up because I feel so sick and don't want to drive. I was miserable, especially Friday morning. I can't wait until I'm done with this antibiotic so I can try the new enzymes and MAYBE feel better. Hopefully feel better. I did enjoy the time at home, though. We had a mini family crawfish boil, played cards, played with my nephew, and slept with my puppy. :]

So I thought this week was going to be better than the last two rough weeks I've had. But no. I had the chem test today, a psych test thursday, and a biology test friday. "Another biology test?" you say. YES. Another one. In 11 weeks, we have 7 tests. And each test (except for test 5) has information from the previous tests, not just the material we're learning. I've been doing ok, but I'm tired of always studying - for biology. Ready for a break!

Nothing else really to report. Chris and I are great. I still love Sigma Kappa. School is still driving me insane, but I still love to learn. I'm studying more than anything else (and I've NEVER been that way before, ever). I'm still not feeling great, and I'm sure the lack of sleep isn't helping.

OH. Story.
So before I left for chemistry to take my test this morning at 8am, I ate a little food (to take my antibiotic with), grabbed a Dr. Pepper to keep me awake, and walked to class. I walked with this guy, who was in my kines class last quarter and in my chem class this quarter, because he was walking past my apartment right when I came outside. So we walked and talked. He ended up sitting in front of me for the test. Mind you, these classrooms are stadium-style so he's below me also. The test starts and I'm working problems and such, when I get thirsty. I still have my DP. I reach for it and instead of grabbing it, I knock it off my desk... onto this guy. And Dr. Pepper gets on his polo, his desk, the guy next to him, the floor... I'm so embarrassed. This is in the middle of the test. Jokingly, he turns around and says "Thaaaanks..." with a smile so I'm not completely crushed. Our professor brings over a wad of paper towels and the guy cleans up the mess. I apologize like 30 times and put the remainder of my DP on the floor behind me. Later in the day, I drop that same DP on the floor in my apartment. I poured out whatever was left and threw it away. It had to be cursed.

Oh, ALSO, we dissected a rat in biology lab. Sick. It was a pretty funny situation though. I didn't want to pin it down, but I would cut it. We had to get a guy from another group to pin it down. Then, I was going to cut it open when one of my lab partners did it, while saying "It's just a little deer... it's just a little deer..." because she can clean a deer, but cutting a rat freaks her out. My other lab partner is shielding her eyes because she has a phobia of rats and a phobia of deceased things. So this was NOT a good day for her. Once we got it open, my phobic lab partner asked us to cut off the head and tail before she came over. Oh no thank you. So we covered all but the inners with paper towels so my dear friend wouldn't have a panic attack. We finished that lab about 10 minutes before anyone else. We just wanted out of there. It was amusing. Smelly, but amusing.

Ok, it's almost bed time. FINALLY!!!!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Doctor's Appointment Update, and other stuff

Good news or bad news first? I'll do bad so we can end this section on a good note.

Bad news:
My fluctuating feeling of being sick never went away.
My lung capacity dropped 3%.
One of my airway's (big, I'm pretty sure) capacity dropped 1%
I'm "on the verge" of getting sick.

Good news:
They put me on new meds to feel better.
I gained almost 2 lbs!!!
They put me on antibiotics to cut the sickness short.

Let's talk meds. I took Pancrease MT20 for a long time. They switched me to Zenpep on Wednesday to help continue the weight gain and to try to clear up these newly developed, but not unusual, gastro problems. I don't do "new meds" very well, but I'm willing to try them. The only thing I don't like so far is that they are warm all the time. It's a weird feeling on my tongue. However, since I'm on the antibiotic (Bactrim; never had a sulfa before..) and it's making all GI problems worse, I'm switching back to the old enzymes and I'm going to wait to try the new ones again after I'm done with the antibiotic. That way, I can tell if the Zenpep is making things better, worse, or not affecting it really.

Also, starting June, I will be using this new inhalant, Cayston(2nd link). It will take the place of TOBI in my regimen. It only takes 2 minutes, 3 times a day. While waiting to be called back into an exam room, my mom talked to the rep for Cayston and got a lot of good information from him. I'm nervous about using it, but I am excited to be near the end of potentially my last TOBI session ever. :]

This week was GRΣΣK WΣΣK and it was tiring. I have one more event to go to at 4pm today then that's it. Week OVER with. DONE. FINITO. And I can't wait. 3 tests, Greek Week, and a doctor's appointment made for an unpleasant week. However, I made a change on Monday that has caused me to be less stressed: my room has stayed clean all week (GASP!) because I pick up things immediately (shoes, clothes, trash, etc) instead of waiting until a big clean-up day. I have also stayed on top of school work (doing things early) and that has helped keep my stress levels down. If you read the post from Sunday about caring about my things and how I immediately cleaned things up then? It has been a change I've kept up. Yay! I love coming home from school and seeing a partially made up bed (I pull the sheets up, but I don't worry about the pillows too much), nothing on the floor, and a clean desk. It's really nice. Next, I will fit in swimming and/or running into my schedule again because I need to get those FEV1s and the overall lung capacity back up. In time, in time.


Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Update soon

I went to the doctor today and I will update on a later date. It was an ok appointment. I am not happy however. More on that later.


Sunday, April 18, 2010

Understanding Outer Beauty

Today while shopping at the fabulous WalMart, I decided to take a look at the make-up brushes. I know I mentioned before that I'm leaving my tomboy stage of life and turning into a lady, but this make-up brush love is normal. It's just never been fed. So, I make my way over to the aisle and I find a set of 10 brushes for 10 dollars! UNHEARD OF! Hurriedly, I carefully place them into the buggy, trying not to cry (no joke), and continue on my way shopping.

Once I get home, after putting up the perishables, I tear open my make-up brush set, excited and giddy. I've wanted a set like this for a while now and I finally have it. I start reading what each brush's job is and can't wait to try it out tomorrow morning (still can't wait!).

However, my day continues and I must leave the magnificent brush set at home. But, around 11:15, I get home. I wash my face, take evening meds, change clothes, and remember my new exciting purchase. I pull the brush set back out and inspect every brush and the mirror that comes with it. I read and reread the different "how-tos" on how to use them. I will finally look beautiful!

Hold up. That last thought that went through my head threw me into shock. I know I rarely find myself thinking I look pretty, but do I seriously think these 10 new brushes will alter my outer beauty that much?? Yes and no. That's when I realized that outer beauty isn't all about the make-up and the hair. Yes, I would LOVE to look stunning every day, but there's so much more about looking beautiful than those things. For instance, I then realized that caring about yourself starts with caring about your things. So I put down the brushes, and put up all of the clothes/things on my bed where they belong. I then take out the nice eyebrow brush I already own (and use OFTEN) and clean it. I realized that I needed to start being more careful about taking care of the space I've been given and not leave it a mess all of the time.

Also, inner beauty can seriously alter outer beauty. Anger and hatred show up on the face. Being unhappy on the inside means not smiling on the outside. I had, a few days ago, made a decision to be happier. Sounds lame, but I take life way too seriously. I know I do. I have a hard time letting loose and just laughing! Today I tried that and the usual goofy comments I take too seriously by my boyfriend and my friends I found funny! What a change it made in my day! Also, confidence is important. We must be confident in who we are and that we DO look good. Not prideful, but confident. And today I realized that those little brushes gave me confidence. By having them, I feel like I can look better and when I look better, I feel better.

I'm excited about what the future holds and what it looks like (and how good I look being a part of it!)


Saturday, April 17, 2010

24 hours home

This weekend, I got literally 24 hours home. But I enjoyed it. I got to see my rents, my bro/sis-in-law and my nephew last night and I got to see my "little sister" this morning. Mom and Sarah went to Anjea's this weekend for Anjea's baby shower! Sorry I had to miss, but there was no way I could fit it in my schedule.

Next week is GREEK WEEK!!! I'm pretty excited but nervous at the same time. I have 2 tests and a quiz next week, and have mandatory things every morning and evening. UGH. I will have to seriously ration my time and cut out most of my lazy time and make it studying time instead. Stressful, but it will be fun. On thursday I play paintball for Sigma Kappa against the other sororities. I went and practiced today, despite my fear, and turns out I like it way better than I remembered. Hopefully Chris doesn't read this! He's not suppose to know I like it! lol!

Oh, and let's not forget my doctor's appointment smack dab in the middle of Greek Week. At the appointment, we're going to talk about new enzymes and the new TOBI system they just came out with. Maybe just MAYBE these things will help me feel better. I've never been open to change, but I'm going into this appointment with an open mind, hoping and praying things get better. We'll chat about all of that later for sure.

Mom and I did some retail therapy yesterday!! It all started because I've worn out/outgrown all of my jeans and needed some new ones. So I found only one pair of jeans :[ but new underwear, 2 new skirts, and 2 new pairs of shoes!! :] So while the original goal wasn't quite met, I still got some good stuff out of it. I'm turning into such a gi.rl.

Ok time to call it a night.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

One week left

One week from today is the next doctor's appointment. Let's see how I'm feeling:

My sinuses feel pretty good, and have over the last few days, despite the sudden pollen explosion.
My gut has been bloated and feeling not-so-great off and on over the last few weeks.
My lungs have stayed about the same, I think. I'm still coughing more than I'm used to, but no more than the last visit I don't think.
My weight should be up!!! We have a scale in the bathroom that has always said ~118lbs. Monday, I stepped on the scale, and it was over 120!!! I've never been that "heavy" and I'm thrilled. We'll see what the official weigh-in is in a week.

Wish me luck!
Now, I had mentioned before that I read Betsy's book Rodeo Sweetheart and I finished it about a week ago. It was so great! Betsy's country/rodeo lingo was flawless and you'd think she grew up on a dude-ranch herself! While it is a romance novel, it's not trashy at all, like so many of other modern-day romance novels, but that doesn't mean it's boring! It's full of mystery, passion, and classic confusion where you want to start a relationship, but know it won't work, family tension, good friends, and financial distress. It's got everything! Betsy takes all of these problems and weaves them into a story that keeps you on the edge of your seat from page one, as if relationships don't cause enough problems on their own! Order your copy today!
Yesterday was the Spring Fling on campus! That means 2,000lbs of BIG spicy crawfish! Needless to say, I was there right at 4 when it started, and the line was already ~40 people. It was the best crawfish I've ever had, several lbs for $10, corn/potatoes included. I inhaled it. *happy sigh*

Time to start (continue) studying for my Psychology test tomorrow.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

I guess Gotham was already taken...

Ok I had to share this. I saw this on Yahoo news.

This is why no one should do meth while pregnant... just saying.

No but really, it's pretty great. These people, New York's "Superheros", have good intentions and are actually doing something about it. While I may be amused, I also applaud them. Take their example of stepping up, minus the costumes, and make a difference in this world!


Extra pictures

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Feeling better and worse at the same time

Stress levels have dropped. And I still don't feel better. I feel more relaxed but I'm still coughing like crazy and it's freaking me out. Oh well. The true test is in 10 days.

I have been doing some serious studying for my bio test. See?

I went through the notebook of the pages that colour and organized it so I could sort through it all. This happened after I had already learned most of it except for the few things I just couldn't remember. This has helped drastically. The list at the top left corner is the end of a much longer list of important vocab and distinctions of things that starts on the previous page. My hand looks huge. And I look cross-eyed. Haha!!

Speaking of huge, I felt 1000000lbs last night at formal. The dress I had planned on wearing (and still wore) is now too small for me. I got it this summer (given to me) and I could fit into it just fine. However, when I put it on last night, I cried because I couldn't fit. I actually popped the hook-and-eye in the back completely off. I couldn't move and sucked in most of the night because I looked preggers. Yeah, it was that bad. I looked about 4 months pregnant (well, 2 months if you're Anjea. hee hee just kidding). I didn't take any pictures but other people did and I'll steal one from facebook eventually and post it... maybe. Either way, yay for gaining weight... boo for finding out that way.

I was the DD for formal and while most people don't like to DD (because they want to drink or because they get tired of lugging people around) I actually enjoyed it. I took two groups of people home and it was entertaining to say the least. I felt really good about helping keep my sisters (and their dates) safe.

Irony has struck once again: I sit next to in class, and am now friends with, one of the people who lives upstairs (the crazies, remember?) but they don't know I know and they don't know it's me below. I just happened to find out. And now we're friends.... hopefully she never invites me over. I might get shanked by her roommates.

I ate lunch with Daniel & Laura today. They are my sunday school leaders at my church here and wanted to chat with me/pray for me because of how stressed I'm getting. They send out weekly emails requesting prayer requests and I replied to it with a request that ended up turning into a venting session. Either way, it was good to see them today and I appreciate their help and love for me. :]

Ok. Break time over. About to grab some Zapps and get back to studying!


Friday, April 9, 2010

Stressed is an understatement

Short post because I have no actual free time-

I'm stressed. Words honestly cannot express how stressed I am. I can't even try. It's that bad. I'm missing mandatory things for other mandatory things. I have tests and homework that are being backseated because I literally don't have the time. LA GEAR UP is driving me nuts. Sigma Kappa is being backseated because of this. So I guess if SK is being backseated, school is being thrown in the trunk. I'm stressed so I take it out on others (aka Chris) and in turn ticks him off which stressed me out even more. I had to skip class to go to this GEAR UP thing on Friday that ended an hour and a half later than I thought it would. Then tomorrow, I'm going to be with them from 8-5. Then study or something if I have time. Then I have formal which I'm going to because A- I paid for it and for my date. B- Chris stayed in town instead of driving to help some people move into an apartment from Mississippi. C- I'm DDing. D- I already have a dress. I plan on making an appearance and leaving to try to get homework in. But alas, on Sunday, I have church from 9-12, nursing home at 2 (which I want to go to but probably won't) mandatory street cleaning at 4, mandatory Rush clothes trying on at 5, and mandatory meeting at 6. Oh look, then Monday rolls around and I have a test. I'm sorry Dr. Sellers, I didn't have time to study. *FAIL*.
And, not her fault nor am I mad at her in any way, shape, or form, but Liz went to the ER today because she's been really sick. So I stayed with her at her apartment for a while instead of studying because I felt she was more important. When her kicked in and she was almost as high as a kite and ready to watch a movie until she passed out, I left. But I only left to duke it out with Chris some more. Now I'm too exhausted from the long day to really focus on school. But I'm about to try.

So this post wasn't as short as I thought. I guess that's what happens when you need to vent. And Chris and I are fine. I just get mean when I'm stressed.

I highlighted all the mandatory things because it made me feel better somehow. And while "church" is not technically mandatory, it kinda is in my book, but there's a chance I might not make it this week. And "formal" is highlighted for the reasons listed.


Thursday, April 8, 2010

My wonderful April 7

Wednesday, April 7, was pretty great day over all!

It all started when I bolted awake in bed, jumped up, and opened my bedroom door 45 minutes before my alarm because I heard my roommate say to someone on the phone, "the bathroom ceiling is leaking." I ran to the bathroom and sure enough, the flood had returned. It was way better than last time, but still obnoxious. Within minutes, a maintenance man shows up to check it out. After looking at our bathroom, he goes upstairs to our neighbors. About 10 minutes later, he comes back and the leak has stopped. He mutters something to my roommate about water on the floor upstairs and leaves. I learn later from my RA that the toilet upstairs had overflowed the night before and they didn't know what to do about it. So they turned the water off and left it. It soaked through in the floor and into our bathroom. Sick.

After that incident, I continued on my morning about getting ready. It was my anniversary and I wanted to look cute! So I shower, put on a day-dress, dry and straighten my hair, do my makeup and head over to the student center to meet the boyfriend for lunch. The walk there involved a lot of mist. It reminded me of those misting machines at Six Flags that cool you down without getting you soaked. That's what the weather was like. I looked dumb using an umbrella so I put it away. However, I forgot I was blessed with my Mom's hair's natural ability to frizz like crazy. So when I found the boyfriend, he told me I looked nice, and asked me if I straightened my hair this morning. "The weather took care of that." NOO!!!! I flipped out but I knew it wasn't worth it. My hair was a goner.

The next few hours involved class, more class, and then an outdoor biodiversity lab excursion with a friend to collect plant samples. After we finished that, I called the boyfriend to chat about our evening plans. We decided on seeing Clash of the Titans at 4:55. Seeing as it was 4:18, we went ahead and went to the movies. Clash of the Titans was really good, especially if you like mythology.

Then it was dinner time! I had chosen where to eat. We went to a local steakhouse where they preferred you get dressed up. I wore a dress I had gotten for a great price at a local boutique a while back and he wore khakis and a new shirt. Needless to say, we looked GOOD! lol

At dinner, we split a 20oz steak, some fried crawfish tails, and some steak fries. The steak, being massive, took a while to cook so we spent some time just talking. Suddenly, Chris (boyfriend)'s face goes white and then instantly red. He gives me this look... a look I know all too well. A look that says "I just made a mistake and it's embarrassing and funny all at the same time." That "oh crap" look. I reply with "What...?" He smiles and blushes as he says, "I forgot my wallet." I burst into laughter remembering the last time this happened. We were at a local Italian place and he didn't realize he left his wallet until it was time to pay. I was left as "collateral" while he ran back to his dorm. I had to explain it to the waitress who was highly amused.

But last night, he remembered before the food came out. I offered to just pay and he pay me back, but he didn't want to do that. So he went "to the bathroom" and drove back to his apartment to grab the wallet that was left in his jeans from earlier. About 2 minutes after he left, the food arrived. So I ate alone for the next 5ish minutes. It was kinda sad, but I was more worried about him. It was weather outside and I knew he was in a hurry to get back. I prayed pretty much the entire time he was gone and couldn't eat very much since I was so nervous. He came back about 8 minutes after he left with a smile on his face and a wallet in his pocket (and money in the wallet!). The rest of the dinner ran smoothly.

I called Liz (my big) and asked if she could take a picture for me. I wanted a picture of me and Chris all dressed up and nice looking on our anniversary. Of course, she helped me out! And so, to end the night, here are 2 of the pictures.


Wednesday, April 7, 2010


My goodness has it really been 4 years?? Yep, I remember it clearly. April 7, 2006, sometime in the evening on my couch in my old house, my boyfriend asked me out. It hasn't been 4 years "solid" due to a few rough patches along the way, but we're past that. But for the most part, it has been 4 whole years. Ups, downs, and everything in between, and somehow we still end the day with an "I love you too". The worst times were when he was in college and I was in high school. It was just difficult to say the least. He didn't know much about what I was talking about (especially by my senior year) and I had no CLUE what he was talking about in college. But we made it through. He's been with me when I'm in the hospital as much as he could. And when he couldn't be there I'd still hear from him. Things got way better when I got to college. We could finally spend time together swimming, working out, etc. and not have to worry about how to pay for these things. We eat most meals together and I see him almost every day, if even for only a minute. We study together, play games together, watch movies together, go to church together, cook (and do dishes) together. He takes out my trash, he changes my car tire, and drives me to Walmart when I don't want to go but need to. I can be myself around him, no matter how goofy that may be (and he's just as goofy when he's just with me). He works so he can have money to take me out. He goes to college to afford me. And most important, he loves me. :]

4 years holds a lot of memories. I've written a lot of them down over the years on blogs, in journals, and other places and I'm thankful I'll be able to go back later and read them. We've both changed a lot since my freshman year and definitely for the better. I hope everyone has a great day because I will. I'll post about it in the next few days.


Sunday, April 4, 2010


Easter! The real celebration for Christians! "Anyone can be merry at Christmas" as my pastor says. "But Easter is the real deal." I sang at my church in the choir for both services today and had so much fun. What a fantastic service! Mom drove over to watch me sing and my Big Sis and her boyfriend came too.

So driving back to college-town yesterday to get to choir rehearsal, Dora (my car) had a tire blow-out. 14 miles from my college, the tire decided to give out. So I puttered at ~40 miles the rest of the way after calling Dad. I checked the tired and didn't see anything wrong with them at the time, so I thought it was mechanical. However today after church, my Mom and I pulled into the apartment parking lot to find the tire completely flat. On the plus side, it's way better than we anticipated. A tire is way easier to replace (and cheaper) than the engine or the tire rods and such. Not cheap, but better than we could have hoped for. So Dora lives on.

Mom brought me back home after the amazing church service and my puppy and I took a nap on the couch for a while. Then, I watched a movie I LOVE but haven't seen in ages: The Brave Little Toaster. Such a great movie. :] One thing I noticed today watching it, I didn't notice when I was younger, was the line "Of course he's graduating! He's a hard worker!" One of those underlying messages that's just barely touched on, but still important. So there, children! Work hard and graduate! Anyway, it's a great movie that's so cute and still makes me laugh even after all these years. Those early Disney movies have a way of doing that.

Tomorrow I go back to college-town, riding with the boyfriend, and get Dora to the Walmart car repair center thing. Hopefully Wally World will take good care of her and get her fixed soon!

I spent time with the rents this evening playing Rummikub and Mastermind (with Mom) and really enjoyed it. Good bonding time before I head back to school.

Ok, this post would be longer but I'm starting TOBI again tonight and don't like to use my laptop with TOBI. Makes everything gross. Instead, I'll be continuing reading a book by Betsy I bought the other day.... OH NO!!!!!!!!!!!! I left it in my apartment because I was reading it last night.... NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO........... Ugh I have to wait until I can keep reading it. Boy that's frustrating. Now I have to find another way to entertain myself for 30 minutes... I guess I'll pick up another book for the time being.

ANYWAY, I was going to say that it's such a good book already (a few chapters in) and I'll give a baby-review on it when I'm done. The link to her blog is on the side --->
and on my last post.

Night and Happy Easter!

Friday, April 2, 2010

I'm Home I'm Home! (Until tomorrow)

Thank GOODNESS my hectic week is over with. 3 tests and an interview... I'm all tuckered out. Unfortunately, it wasn't a great week for tests or interviews, but that's ok I guess. I didn't do terrible on any of them, but not as great as I had hoped/expected. I went through the interview process for Union Board but did not get on it. It was an interview experience unlike any other I've ever had before, so it was a great experience. I also learned from several people on UB that most people don't get on it the first time they apply. It takes 2 or sometimes 3 tries so I'm encouraged to apply again in the fall. (The current VP of UB had to apply twice, for example.) So while I would have rather just gotten on this time instead of having to go through this again, I'm not really upset about it. I'll simply apply/interview again in the fall. It was a good experience too.

So Monday morning at 6:00am, I had a tapping on my window as I was pulling my hair into a ponytail. It was the boyfriend saying "hurry up!!!" We had agreed to start running on MWF at 6am together on the track. And on Monday, boy was it COLD!! But I ran it anyway. And went back to bed. lol. I didn't run it on Wednesday because he "let me off the hook" because I helped him tremendously with his lab report. He ran a mile and then did a lot of sprints at 3 that morning (after pulling an all-nighter). He didn't sleep until the following afternoon when he slept for 14 hours straight. This was also after swimming a ton of laps. Boys are crazy. I needed the sleep too.

OH. However! I'm not getting much sleep because 1- the people upstairs are still insane and keep me awake and 2- we now have a construction crew working on the apartment I'm LIVING IN at 7am! There's no hope for sleep I suppose.

I had mentioned recently that I've been feeling sick all the time. Well it hasn't really changed much, no surprise there. My mom ran into one of my nurses from my clinic and mentioned my problem. My nurse said that they have new enzymes out with really great results and has made some chronically ill-feeling people feel better! I've never been a friend to change, but this one might be worth trying. Also involves fewer pill numbers....

It feels so good to be home. My weekend is going to be spent with family and with the highway. I drove home yesterday, spending today here, and then driving back tomorrow. Then, on Sunday, my mom is coming to my church to watch me sing in the Easter service. Then I'm riding back home with her to spend more time with family. THEN on Monday, I'm riding BACK to college with the boyfriend. Got all that? So that's a total of 4 trips. Lol! 4 trips in 5 days. Whew!

Happy Birthday to the Reasoner twins!!! They turned 1 year old today! Keep fighting Brett!

Tonight is the Good Friday service at my home church. After that, I'm going to Barnes & Noble to visit a friend, Betsy, who is having a book signing for her latest book that was released yesterday! Read about it here!

Recently, I sat through and I read a large chunk of my first posts. It was really interesting to me because this is somewhat like a diary. My passion for soccer drove my enthusiasm to stay well, even when I rocked a PICC. Sometimes I feel like that passion has drained out of me. That is very frustrating to me. Sometimes it's hard to fight for something you don't even know if you'll get. So lately I've been trying to fight not only for my future, but for the present and my friends and family. These are the people who will be with me for the rest of my life and I don't want to hurt them. So I must stay strong if not for myself, for them.

To all my Catholic friends (and others who gave up things for Lent), you've almost made it!!! Don't give up!!

Alright, time to finish getting ready for the day. My brother, sis-in-law, and nephew are coming over soon. Can't wait! I love seeing family!!!