Who of you by worrying can add a single hour to his life? Since you cannot do this very little thing, why do you worry about the rest? Luke 12:25-26

Friday, April 2, 2010

I'm Home I'm Home! (Until tomorrow)

Thank GOODNESS my hectic week is over with. 3 tests and an interview... I'm all tuckered out. Unfortunately, it wasn't a great week for tests or interviews, but that's ok I guess. I didn't do terrible on any of them, but not as great as I had hoped/expected. I went through the interview process for Union Board but did not get on it. It was an interview experience unlike any other I've ever had before, so it was a great experience. I also learned from several people on UB that most people don't get on it the first time they apply. It takes 2 or sometimes 3 tries so I'm encouraged to apply again in the fall. (The current VP of UB had to apply twice, for example.) So while I would have rather just gotten on this time instead of having to go through this again, I'm not really upset about it. I'll simply apply/interview again in the fall. It was a good experience too.

So Monday morning at 6:00am, I had a tapping on my window as I was pulling my hair into a ponytail. It was the boyfriend saying "hurry up!!!" We had agreed to start running on MWF at 6am together on the track. And on Monday, boy was it COLD!! But I ran it anyway. And went back to bed. lol. I didn't run it on Wednesday because he "let me off the hook" because I helped him tremendously with his lab report. He ran a mile and then did a lot of sprints at 3 that morning (after pulling an all-nighter). He didn't sleep until the following afternoon when he slept for 14 hours straight. This was also after swimming a ton of laps. Boys are crazy. I needed the sleep too.

OH. However! I'm not getting much sleep because 1- the people upstairs are still insane and keep me awake and 2- we now have a construction crew working on the apartment I'm LIVING IN at 7am! There's no hope for sleep I suppose.

I had mentioned recently that I've been feeling sick all the time. Well it hasn't really changed much, no surprise there. My mom ran into one of my nurses from my clinic and mentioned my problem. My nurse said that they have new enzymes out with really great results and has made some chronically ill-feeling people feel better! I've never been a friend to change, but this one might be worth trying. Also involves fewer pill numbers....

It feels so good to be home. My weekend is going to be spent with family and with the highway. I drove home yesterday, spending today here, and then driving back tomorrow. Then, on Sunday, my mom is coming to my church to watch me sing in the Easter service. Then I'm riding back home with her to spend more time with family. THEN on Monday, I'm riding BACK to college with the boyfriend. Got all that? So that's a total of 4 trips. Lol! 4 trips in 5 days. Whew!

Happy Birthday to the Reasoner twins!!! They turned 1 year old today! Keep fighting Brett!

Tonight is the Good Friday service at my home church. After that, I'm going to Barnes & Noble to visit a friend, Betsy, who is having a book signing for her latest book that was released yesterday! Read about it here!

Recently, I sat through and I read a large chunk of my first posts. It was really interesting to me because this is somewhat like a diary. My passion for soccer drove my enthusiasm to stay well, even when I rocked a PICC. Sometimes I feel like that passion has drained out of me. That is very frustrating to me. Sometimes it's hard to fight for something you don't even know if you'll get. So lately I've been trying to fight not only for my future, but for the present and my friends and family. These are the people who will be with me for the rest of my life and I don't want to hurt them. So I must stay strong if not for myself, for them.

To all my Catholic friends (and others who gave up things for Lent), you've almost made it!!! Don't give up!!

Alright, time to finish getting ready for the day. My brother, sis-in-law, and nephew are coming over soon. Can't wait! I love seeing family!!!


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