Who of you by worrying can add a single hour to his life? Since you cannot do this very little thing, why do you worry about the rest? Luke 12:25-26

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Understanding Outer Beauty

Today while shopping at the fabulous WalMart, I decided to take a look at the make-up brushes. I know I mentioned before that I'm leaving my tomboy stage of life and turning into a lady, but this make-up brush love is normal. It's just never been fed. So, I make my way over to the aisle and I find a set of 10 brushes for 10 dollars! UNHEARD OF! Hurriedly, I carefully place them into the buggy, trying not to cry (no joke), and continue on my way shopping.

Once I get home, after putting up the perishables, I tear open my make-up brush set, excited and giddy. I've wanted a set like this for a while now and I finally have it. I start reading what each brush's job is and can't wait to try it out tomorrow morning (still can't wait!).

However, my day continues and I must leave the magnificent brush set at home. But, around 11:15, I get home. I wash my face, take evening meds, change clothes, and remember my new exciting purchase. I pull the brush set back out and inspect every brush and the mirror that comes with it. I read and reread the different "how-tos" on how to use them. I will finally look beautiful!

Hold up. That last thought that went through my head threw me into shock. I know I rarely find myself thinking I look pretty, but do I seriously think these 10 new brushes will alter my outer beauty that much?? Yes and no. That's when I realized that outer beauty isn't all about the make-up and the hair. Yes, I would LOVE to look stunning every day, but there's so much more about looking beautiful than those things. For instance, I then realized that caring about yourself starts with caring about your things. So I put down the brushes, and put up all of the clothes/things on my bed where they belong. I then take out the nice eyebrow brush I already own (and use OFTEN) and clean it. I realized that I needed to start being more careful about taking care of the space I've been given and not leave it a mess all of the time.

Also, inner beauty can seriously alter outer beauty. Anger and hatred show up on the face. Being unhappy on the inside means not smiling on the outside. I had, a few days ago, made a decision to be happier. Sounds lame, but I take life way too seriously. I know I do. I have a hard time letting loose and just laughing! Today I tried that and the usual goofy comments I take too seriously by my boyfriend and my friends I found funny! What a change it made in my day! Also, confidence is important. We must be confident in who we are and that we DO look good. Not prideful, but confident. And today I realized that those little brushes gave me confidence. By having them, I feel like I can look better and when I look better, I feel better.

I'm excited about what the future holds and what it looks like (and how good I look being a part of it!)


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Jennifer said...

How wise you are becoming! This was a really good post! And I love the scripture of the week.