Who of you by worrying can add a single hour to his life? Since you cannot do this very little thing, why do you worry about the rest? Luke 12:25-26

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

46 hours and counting...

46 hours is referring to the amount of time I have been awake. I'm actually, surprisingly, doing well. I pulled an all-nighter doing chem studying/homework for an 8am test I had this morning. I got an A. :] When I tried to take a nap earlier today, I couldn't fall asleep. So I got up and started doing things that needed to get done. So I'm still awake... but not for much longer. Once TOBI is finished, I'm going to SLEEP! I don't have a class until 12:30 tomorrow so I'm not worried about having to wake up early.

So Friday, my mom drives from home to my college to come pick me up because I feel so sick and don't want to drive. I was miserable, especially Friday morning. I can't wait until I'm done with this antibiotic so I can try the new enzymes and MAYBE feel better. Hopefully feel better. I did enjoy the time at home, though. We had a mini family crawfish boil, played cards, played with my nephew, and slept with my puppy. :]

So I thought this week was going to be better than the last two rough weeks I've had. But no. I had the chem test today, a psych test thursday, and a biology test friday. "Another biology test?" you say. YES. Another one. In 11 weeks, we have 7 tests. And each test (except for test 5) has information from the previous tests, not just the material we're learning. I've been doing ok, but I'm tired of always studying - for biology. Ready for a break!

Nothing else really to report. Chris and I are great. I still love Sigma Kappa. School is still driving me insane, but I still love to learn. I'm studying more than anything else (and I've NEVER been that way before, ever). I'm still not feeling great, and I'm sure the lack of sleep isn't helping.

OH. Story.
So before I left for chemistry to take my test this morning at 8am, I ate a little food (to take my antibiotic with), grabbed a Dr. Pepper to keep me awake, and walked to class. I walked with this guy, who was in my kines class last quarter and in my chem class this quarter, because he was walking past my apartment right when I came outside. So we walked and talked. He ended up sitting in front of me for the test. Mind you, these classrooms are stadium-style so he's below me also. The test starts and I'm working problems and such, when I get thirsty. I still have my DP. I reach for it and instead of grabbing it, I knock it off my desk... onto this guy. And Dr. Pepper gets on his polo, his desk, the guy next to him, the floor... I'm so embarrassed. This is in the middle of the test. Jokingly, he turns around and says "Thaaaanks..." with a smile so I'm not completely crushed. Our professor brings over a wad of paper towels and the guy cleans up the mess. I apologize like 30 times and put the remainder of my DP on the floor behind me. Later in the day, I drop that same DP on the floor in my apartment. I poured out whatever was left and threw it away. It had to be cursed.

Oh, ALSO, we dissected a rat in biology lab. Sick. It was a pretty funny situation though. I didn't want to pin it down, but I would cut it. We had to get a guy from another group to pin it down. Then, I was going to cut it open when one of my lab partners did it, while saying "It's just a little deer... it's just a little deer..." because she can clean a deer, but cutting a rat freaks her out. My other lab partner is shielding her eyes because she has a phobia of rats and a phobia of deceased things. So this was NOT a good day for her. Once we got it open, my phobic lab partner asked us to cut off the head and tail before she came over. Oh no thank you. So we covered all but the inners with paper towels so my dear friend wouldn't have a panic attack. We finished that lab about 10 minutes before anyone else. We just wanted out of there. It was amusing. Smelly, but amusing.

Ok, it's almost bed time. FINALLY!!!!

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