Who of you by worrying can add a single hour to his life? Since you cannot do this very little thing, why do you worry about the rest? Luke 12:25-26

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Feeling better and worse at the same time

Stress levels have dropped. And I still don't feel better. I feel more relaxed but I'm still coughing like crazy and it's freaking me out. Oh well. The true test is in 10 days.

I have been doing some serious studying for my bio test. See?

I went through the notebook of the pages that colour and organized it so I could sort through it all. This happened after I had already learned most of it except for the few things I just couldn't remember. This has helped drastically. The list at the top left corner is the end of a much longer list of important vocab and distinctions of things that starts on the previous page. My hand looks huge. And I look cross-eyed. Haha!!

Speaking of huge, I felt 1000000lbs last night at formal. The dress I had planned on wearing (and still wore) is now too small for me. I got it this summer (given to me) and I could fit into it just fine. However, when I put it on last night, I cried because I couldn't fit. I actually popped the hook-and-eye in the back completely off. I couldn't move and sucked in most of the night because I looked preggers. Yeah, it was that bad. I looked about 4 months pregnant (well, 2 months if you're Anjea. hee hee just kidding). I didn't take any pictures but other people did and I'll steal one from facebook eventually and post it... maybe. Either way, yay for gaining weight... boo for finding out that way.

I was the DD for formal and while most people don't like to DD (because they want to drink or because they get tired of lugging people around) I actually enjoyed it. I took two groups of people home and it was entertaining to say the least. I felt really good about helping keep my sisters (and their dates) safe.

Irony has struck once again: I sit next to in class, and am now friends with, one of the people who lives upstairs (the crazies, remember?) but they don't know I know and they don't know it's me below. I just happened to find out. And now we're friends.... hopefully she never invites me over. I might get shanked by her roommates.

I ate lunch with Daniel & Laura today. They are my sunday school leaders at my church here and wanted to chat with me/pray for me because of how stressed I'm getting. They send out weekly emails requesting prayer requests and I replied to it with a request that ended up turning into a venting session. Either way, it was good to see them today and I appreciate their help and love for me. :]

Ok. Break time over. About to grab some Zapps and get back to studying!


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