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Friday, April 23, 2010

Doctor's Appointment Update, and other stuff

Good news or bad news first? I'll do bad so we can end this section on a good note.

Bad news:
My fluctuating feeling of being sick never went away.
My lung capacity dropped 3%.
One of my airway's (big, I'm pretty sure) capacity dropped 1%
I'm "on the verge" of getting sick.

Good news:
They put me on new meds to feel better.
I gained almost 2 lbs!!!
They put me on antibiotics to cut the sickness short.

Let's talk meds. I took Pancrease MT20 for a long time. They switched me to Zenpep on Wednesday to help continue the weight gain and to try to clear up these newly developed, but not unusual, gastro problems. I don't do "new meds" very well, but I'm willing to try them. The only thing I don't like so far is that they are warm all the time. It's a weird feeling on my tongue. However, since I'm on the antibiotic (Bactrim; never had a sulfa before..) and it's making all GI problems worse, I'm switching back to the old enzymes and I'm going to wait to try the new ones again after I'm done with the antibiotic. That way, I can tell if the Zenpep is making things better, worse, or not affecting it really.

Also, starting June, I will be using this new inhalant, Cayston(2nd link). It will take the place of TOBI in my regimen. It only takes 2 minutes, 3 times a day. While waiting to be called back into an exam room, my mom talked to the rep for Cayston and got a lot of good information from him. I'm nervous about using it, but I am excited to be near the end of potentially my last TOBI session ever. :]

This week was GRΣΣK WΣΣK and it was tiring. I have one more event to go to at 4pm today then that's it. Week OVER with. DONE. FINITO. And I can't wait. 3 tests, Greek Week, and a doctor's appointment made for an unpleasant week. However, I made a change on Monday that has caused me to be less stressed: my room has stayed clean all week (GASP!) because I pick up things immediately (shoes, clothes, trash, etc) instead of waiting until a big clean-up day. I have also stayed on top of school work (doing things early) and that has helped keep my stress levels down. If you read the post from Sunday about caring about my things and how I immediately cleaned things up then? It has been a change I've kept up. Yay! I love coming home from school and seeing a partially made up bed (I pull the sheets up, but I don't worry about the pillows too much), nothing on the floor, and a clean desk. It's really nice. Next, I will fit in swimming and/or running into my schedule again because I need to get those FEV1s and the overall lung capacity back up. In time, in time.


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