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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Win-Win situation

Today, I walked into a hair salon to get my (really long) hair chopped off. "I'd like it gone, please." The lady washes my hair, wraps it in a towel, and sits me down in her hair-cutting chair. She combs it out, thinks for a minute, and asks me a question I wasn't expecting: "Do you want to donate to Locks of Love?" I reply with a question of my own: "How short would that make my hair?" She points to my shoulder. "Around here." "Cut it."

So today, I donated 10 inches of my long, brown hair so some child will have a wig. The nice lady evened out what was left of my hair after exclaiming "Wow! You still have a lot of hair left!" *HUGE sigh of relief*

I'll be honest, that moment when she was adjusting the ponytail to the right length, right before she cut it, I got nervous. "What am I going to look like?" "This is totally outside of my comfort zone!" "What if I look funny?!" Then, once she started cutting it and it was a no-going-back situation, my thoughts cleared and I realized that the kids who are getting my hair, the kids who go through Chemo, are asking the same questions and saying the same things. "What am I going to look like? "This is totally outside of my comfort zone!" "What if I look funny?!" Then I knew I had done the right thing, and whether I loved my hair or hat.ed it with a passion, I helped someone else.

Turns out I *LOVE* my hair. So we both win. :]


From a few inches longer than this....

......to this!! 11+ inches cut off!

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Aine Willis said...

Very cool! I have two nieces that have given hair to Locks for Love ... it a neat experience. God Bless!