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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Dr.'s Appt

Not in much of a talking/typing/blogging mood, but I said I would post after my next doctor's appointment with updates:

FEV1 is a little low, but nothing to be alarmed with yet. ~64% of predicted.
The peak flow meter was high though! 505
And my weight was up ~4 1/2 pounds. Almost a third of the way to gaining the freshman 15.

They didn't talk about my PFT results too much because they were excited about the weight and my lower scores aren't yet a red flag. My reasons for the lower FEV1 are: less exercise and exposed to more smoke on a weekly basis.

I've had a really really long day, so hitting the sack pretty soon here.

Night !

1 comment:

Ronnie "Sickboy" Sharpe said...

Stay away from that smoke girl!!!!!!

You're numbers will go back up! I know it.