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Monday, August 22, 2011

Home IVs- Night #1

Hello all! I think I'm doing well keeping up with the blog while I have all this "spare time"! Tonight was my first night home on IVs in right about 2 1/2 years. Learning curve! Luckily it did all come back pretty easily. The only curve ball is that one IV that has to be hung from a bag on an IV pole. Honestly, I feel like a nurse having to set up an IV bag, but it's not really bad. I was nervous doing it the first time, just since it was new, but my home-health nurse wrote out step-by-step on how to do it and my sister-in-law, who learned it with me this afternoon, was walking through it with me. We had no problems and I feel confident now in doing it tomorrow morning. Luckily though, it's not my 5:30 dose!!

I'm doing treatment now, so late, because I spend most of my IV time in the den being social. I'm ok with staying up late to do treatment and getting up early to do IVs/treatment. I figure if I need to, I can grab a nap during one of my 2 breaks. But I did notice something: my motivation to take care of myself was reignited 10-fold during my hospital stay. I was reminded how WORTH IT it is to take care of myself every day so I don't have to go back to the hospital any time soon. It flew by, honestly, and I didn't suffer *too* much, so it wasn't a horrible experience. However, I wanted nothing more than to redeem myself, go home, and take care of myself. And it's a good thing I'm rejuvenated with this because right now, my medicines consume almost the entirety of my time awake during the day. From 5:30am-11pm (plus treatment if I do it after the IVs like I'm doing tonight). But my dear friends, hear me loud and clear...: IT IS 100% WORTH IT. I want to have my health and have my life and if I have to devote some time and pain and discomfort and frustration to GET more years added to my life, then so be it. I was blessed and cursed with this disease and I have to take the bad with the good, suck it up, and handle it with a smile. One of the best parts of my hospital stay was the many times I got to tell a nurse/doctor/RT/anyone how I haven't been in a hospital in over 2 years. Their reaction was motivational to me. I want it so much more than that. I want to boast about 5 years or 10 years. It sounds crazy, but I believe it's doable. But only if I don't get down about myself again.

****If you are reading this, and you hear me complain or read about me being down about having to take care of myself, please take this last post and rub it in my face until I remember what these 2 weeks felt like. Thanks!****

I'm also upping my Vest time from once a day for 15min to twice a day for 30min. I really don't like the Vest, so I'm proud of myself for this change. It will take some dedication and a little push from those closest to me, but I know I can stay with it. IT'S WORTH IT IN THE LONG RUN.

While in the hospital, BORED, I stumbled upon a website that sends an email to your future self. I don't remember when mine will be delivered, maybe Nov of 2013, but I told myself how much I hated being stuck in the hospital and how I needed to do everything possible to stay out. Maybe I'll get that email at just the right time in my life...

Allergy update: so we're really still not sure what's causing this, but Sarah and I think it might be a combination somehow of the betadine and one of my medicines. We think this because the rash is almost completely only where the betadine was put on my arm, but it only flares/itches when I have IVs flowing. It's so weird. Either way, I have this prescription topical cream that did wonders for the itching this evening.

I think that's all for tonight. I know I still have yet to get pictures up, but I will soon. Just hang tight!

Thanks for reading, as always.

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