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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Reasons to wear a medical mask (LIKE MINE!!!)

I ordered one of those fancy "stylish masks" (link) and it FINALLY came in!!

It was ordered specifically for my trip to go see Lauren(!!!) but I'm also now using it for other mask-wearing occasions such as:
  • Clinic
  • Around my mom because she's sick
  • Around my nephew/niece when I'm sick so they don't get sick
  • To scare my dog
  • When I'm doing serious cleaning because the smell of the chemicals makes me sick
  • When I'm in the hospital
Lauren actually found the site and we've both ordered one! I am going to start a trend at my clinic to see if we can get everyone wearing these fashionista masks!



Anonymous said...

That's a pretty cool mask. I best CysticGal would dig that one. I think they should make ones for guys that look like hockey masks.

You wrote a really nice post.


Estelle Darling [Formerly Firefly] said...

I need one of these for the hospital next semester. :-)