Who of you by worrying can add a single hour to his life? Since you cannot do this very little thing, why do you worry about the rest? Luke 12:25-26

Monday, September 27, 2010

Sigma Kappa sisters are REAL.

These two pictures are of my pledge class in Sigma Kappa. The first is us being crazy on bid day and the second is from a formal photoshoot we did around town (photo #2 credit to Britney and Brandi Smith, Sigma Kappa alums).

I never thought I would be a part of something so amazing, but yet here I am. This sorority has gone above and beyond my expectations about what a group of women could be. I wouldn't be anything else but a Sigma Kappa for the world.

That being said, I made my little announcement about the Great Strides walk at meeting last night. I was shaking. My heart was pounding. It felt like the room was 130 degrees, even though I was cold just a few minutes prior. I made my announcement (with the help of notes!) and even included WHY this walk was so important to me, even if only so briefly. Nobody scooted away from me like I was contagious. There was no sudden gasp that resounded through the quiet meeting room. No whispers once I was finished talking. Nobody stared at me like I was now something to be feared/studied/avoided. The meeting simply continued, and a friend close to me both physically and at heart leaned in and told me I did a good job. She knew I was terrified. Before the next announcement in the meeting, a comment was made by our Vice President: "support your sisters". The next announcement was from another close friend. It was about supporting me [and the walk] monetarily if they were unable to go with me. These girls went above and beyond what I had expected as a result. I tend to fear the worst, and was more than pleasantly surprised when none of my fears came true. Immediately girls leaned over to me and told me that they would be there for sure. Others came to me after meeting and wanted to know how they could help if they were unable to come. The sisterhood that Sigma talks about is REAL. These girls really and truly care about me, my well-being, and want to support me in everything I do. I thank God for my sisters in Sigma Kappa.


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