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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Good Time Management

Quick post/story about today

My schedule today was church, mock recruitment, and go home. The times were as follows:
Church- 9am to 10am
Be back at the Sigma house at 11:30
Mock Recruitment from 1:30-3:30ish
Workshop from 3:30-6
Skit rehearsal 6-we're done.

Somehow I had to fit in Cayston, which needs to be 4 hours apart, in there! How did I do it?? Good time management..........

..............in other words..........

I woke up at 5am to do Albuterol (fell back asleep whoops!) and did Cayston at 6am. I went back to sleep (on purpose this time!) until 7:something so I could then get ready for church. Then, between church and being at the Sigma Kappa house, I fit in my afternoon Cayston!! That was at almost 11am. That's 5 hours!!! WOO!! But if I hadn't planned out my day ahead of time, knowing how it was going to go, and then getting up early enough to get it done, my day would have gone very differently.

Mind you, if I had told our advisors/rush chairman that I needed to run back to the apartment to do some medicines, they would have let me go without any problem. But I didn't want to do that! I want to be THERE spending time with my sisters and singing the songs for the 1,395,599th time this week! I don't want to have to excuse myself from my LIFE because of CF unless I really need to. And today, it was fixable and I went very out of my way to fix it so I could be there when I needed/wanted to be.

Now, it's time for the evening dose of Cayston before I finish this round tomorrow afternoon!! Get excited, I know I AM! Just in time for Rush!!


ps: I'm so glad my aunt and my sis-in-law got to come today! It made it even more special to me that you two came! THANK YOU!!

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