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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Beating the Odds

So my life has been about "beating the odds." Having a recessive genetic disease means I pulled the short straw of 25% on the odds I'd get CF. That's not even counting the fact that one of those is a rare CF gene. I beat the odds on my life-span when I was younger and continuing to grow up. I've beaten the odds in lots of other ways in my life too, but today I beat one that I'm particularly proud of: my winter quarter 4.0.

Winter Quarter has Christmas Break, Mardi Gras Break, MLK day, and this year we had a snow break! Breaks tend to destroy people's GPAs because they put stuff off and don't get it done. 4.0. I also beat the odds because I took an 8am class every single morning. 4.0. Let's add those two together: worst quarter of the year (lots of breaks, cold, dark, dreary, blah) with 8am classes every day (so tired, getting up early, not studying too late). The result? 4.0

Can you tell I'm proud? Because even if you can, you have no idea. I'm beyond ecstatic. I knew I did well, but I almost cried.


Ahhh..... :]

Feels good my friends. Feels so good.

I'll post more on my trip to Texas and job shadowing later. Still have one more day to shadow people and leaving Texas on Saturday morning. I'll post soon though.

But I just wanted to post my happy grade before then.

Did I mention it was a 4.0?

There will be a quiz at the end, folks.

What was my grade?

THAT'S RIGHT!!!!!!!!! All A's, baby. 4.0.

Wow I'm happy. :]]]

Now time for bed.

That's a lot of times I've pressed "enter" in this post.

Or "return" on some keyboards.



(total of 39 "enters")

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