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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Leaky Nebs?!!

Is it just me or do all you CFers out there deal with the frustration of leaky nebulizers??! Seriously, it's driving me nuts. I can't tell you how many times I've been embarrassed to turn in homework because of the "water" droplets. Albuterol and TOBI are the worst with this. Time to discuss each one:
First, I want to start with the really cool travel compressor. It's not bad about leaking, but I just wanted to point out how awesome it is. Ta-da!

TOBI. Ugh, my least favourite . When it does the condensation thing, it drips from the blue flap. Otherwise, it leaks from the crease where the mouthpiece meets the "body", no matter HOW tight you make it.

So this one is a little different than the one I have, but not by much. It leaks where the top and bottom screw on. Sometimes, really badly. Like tonight. My other complaint is that they didn't make the piece where the tubing attaches long enough. Very vulnerable to the hosing popping off. Scares my puppy every time.

Not terrible, I don't think. I only have one of these. Seems pretty standard amount of leakage I guess, where the top screws on to the bottom.

This one is the WORST!! And I have a ton of them. But at the connection point of the top and bottom, it's a river of albuterol flowing out.

Sorry the picture is so small on this one. It's an older and the only picture I could find was this size! This neb, by far, is my favourite. It leaks very little, if at all, but is so much larger than the rest, it probably wasn't money-efficient to keep making them. And they take up a lot of room in my drawer of nebs. But it's a good 'un.

I wonder if it has something to do with the method of cleaning the clinic has told us to follow (based on what they said is CF regulations). Or if the manufacturer's have gotten lazy in design and figured a drop or two of medicine leaked isn't much? Or if the compressors we use now are too strong for the nebs? Who knows, but I will continue to set down a sheet of paper to catch the drips of medicine so I don't have to get a paper towel later....


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