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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Post-Sinus Surgery annoyance

So after my sinus surgery (which was almost exactly a year ago), my sinuses were empty, happy, and not painful.

Now the headaches have returned. With a new annoyance- nose bleeds.

My first thought was that I had a growth spurt and I was in the nose-bleed range of height.... haha just kidding. But seriously...

...after surgery, I was told to do the sinus rinse twice a day plus Asteline and Veramyst. And I did for a while, but it got to the point where every time I would do the sinus rinse, I would get a nose bleed. Like, I would blow into a tissue after the rinse and where there should be green/clear stuff, it's all red, and a lot of it. This bothered me, so I stopped. I still do the rinse from time-to-time and I still get nose bleeds. I now also get nose bleeds randomly, like a few minutes ago when I coughed too hard. I'll wake up with them sometimes too. The sinus rinse produces pretty lengthy bleeds while coughing and other "random" ones are short lived.

I'm not sure what to do about this. Ignore the bleeds and keep going? I usually don't get anything else out of my sinuses because I get so freaked out, so I can't blow as hard. Do I stop and let my sinuses fill up again? I really don't want surgery again... I go to the doctor in about a month (already??!) so I'll ask then too, but if anyone has any advice, I'll gladly take it.

I still do the Veramyst regularly, and the Asteline "as needed" (which is what my doc told me to do last visit. It makes me really drowsy and dizzy for a minute or two.) but it doesn't feel like it's doing anything anymore. I'm using the Asteline more regularly in hopes that it will do something to help!


Jennifer said...

Can't you just give your doc a phone call and ask without having to do a visit?

Andrea said...

I usually don't call until it's an emergency, and it's my regular 3-month check-up anyway. I normally just text my nurse, but she JUST retired! :[

auntpam1 said...

Don't like the sound of this nose bleed business. It sounds yuky and I think you need to see about it ASAPb. We sure has heck don't want to face any more sinus surgery so let's find out what's going on in you face..