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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

It's definitely time for an update!

Hey friends, family, fibros, cystas, and strangers-

Here are a few things I have to update on:
1- Both of my brothers are officially CF tested and CF free. Neither are carriers.
2-Mom told me my other gene... i'm a DeltaF508 and 1078 Deletion T.
3- I went swimming again today, but didn't do much swimming because....
4- My legs are tired from the 1.5 mile I ran today! It was for class, but running is running!
5- I ran my mile in 11:15 (with walking only one lap) and my 1.5 mile in 16:28.

I'm really really proud of myself. I wanted to keep roughly an 11 min/mile pace and I did! I wanted to go running on Monday but the boyfriend went without me because he had evening plans. I was in class. Lame. I'll be running with them tomorrow and I might skip the swimming and go running after class on Tuesdays and Thursdays in the inside gym where I have class instead. This might work out! I really am ready to be back in shape. My VO2 max rating is "Poor". I learned that after my run today. *shrugs* Got to start somewhere!

I think my prof was impressed that I was running so successfully. She asked me afterwards how I felt, and I was great! A little salty, but great. :]

WHOA!!! Listen to me?? It almost sounds like... no.. can't be... that I like running?!! Maybe not "like" but it's up from "dislike with a burning passion from deep within."

We'll see where it goes from there, but I'm kinda excited. If I start enjoying running, my health might just make a leap in the right direction even faster. I kinda hope so. :]

Almost time for Christmas break! Only a few more days!


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Anjea said...

I'm impressed - I could never run a mile that fast! I always failed that part of the fitness test in gym class (a mile in 12 minutes or less). Way to go!

See you in a few days!