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Sunday, September 27, 2009

TOBI did WHAT?!??!

Hear ye! Hear ye! A few weeks ago TOBI did something new that caught my attention quicker than words can describe! Read my story!

It was a quiet day in the apartment. My roommate was gone and I was enjoying some down-time at the computer while doing treatment, a common sight. I was talking online to my not-actually-related sister when something surprising happened: the fire alarm for my apartment complex started going off. I calmly told my "sister" I would be right back, grabbed my keys, put on some shoes, turned off my machine, and walked outside. To my surprise, no one else was exiting their apartments. Nor could I hear any other fire alarms. Only mine. I go back inside and the fire alarm ceased within seconds. I then understand: TOBI set off the fire alarm in my apartment. It was the only explanation. I told my "sister" and of course she was amused. Then a second thought hit me: that means police and the fire department are on their way. I walked out of my apartment on the street side and a cop was leaning over the railing with 2 cop cars behind him. "Did your fire alarm go off?" "Yes sir..." "Well? What's the problem?" "Umm.. let me see if I can explain this. [fidgets] I have to do this medicine... it makes a thick mist and it somehow set it off..." [in his radio] "False alarm. Medicine"

Thinking back later, I'm surprised he didn't call a drug raid. "Medicine" that makes a "mist." Riiiiiight. It was code for "weed" obviously... haha. I asked the cop what I was supposed to do because I couldn't NOT do TOBI! He gave me the phone number and told me to call if it ever happened again so they wouldn't come out.

I called my parents after that. My mom laughed REALLY loudly when I told her the story. My nurse practitioner was amused too. As was a few of my CF friends. *sigh* Glad my little college-life story could amuse everyone!

To solve the problem where I could do TOBI without turning the air on really low so it would run for 30ish minutes, my smoke alarm went from this

to this

at least for now. When I finish TOBI I'll take it down... we have 3 other smoke alarms in this tiny apartment so I'm not really too worried.

So watch out TOBI users!! Smoke alarms and TOBI do not mix!



Ronnie "Sickboy" Sharpe said...

Haha, that's crazy!!! I have never had that happen before and when I do TOBI it looks like I'm "hot-boxing" in the room :)

Thanks for sharing!


Mary ElizaBeth Peters said...

OH MY GOD! This happened to me in my freshman dorm at U of I! It happened every night and my RA said that I was going to have to do my nebs in THE BATHROOM (umm... no...) I asked a facility guy to come fix it and explained, and he unwired the damn thing and told me "not to start any fired." Much more helpful than my RA! I think apartments and dorms have ones that can sense the mistiness / fogginess in the room. If it is too cloudy, the alarm goes off!