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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Sunday morning....afternoon doc visit

My pediatrician's clinic actually sees patients on Sunday from 10-11. With my cough not getting any better, my mom wanted me to go see whatever pediatrician was on staff that day. We got to the clinic right at 10... and had to hunt for a parking spot. That's a really really bad sign. We signed in and found two seats that we became very well acquainted with. Roughly two hours later, we were called back. First thing they do is get my weight. "112lbs".... GRRRRR. The nurse gets my symptoms and tells me the doctor will be right in. A few minutes later, a pediatrician walks in. I've never seen this doctor before, but he's looked over my chart. Just in case, my mom reminds him I have CF and then we go over my symptoms again. No fever, no aches, no vomiting... I don't have the flu, man. He does a CBC and a chest x-ray just to better understand what's going on. So, after blood is squeezed from my poor finger, and my chest had been x-rayed, I also get a flu test. That was kinda uncomfortable for those who haven't had one. CBC comes back with slightly elevated levels but nothing to be alarmed with. Chest x-ray comes back clear, as usual. Flu test comes back negative, big surprise. My mom and I continue to wait.

The doc decides I have walking pneumonia and wants to put me in Zithromax. For those who read my drug list, you'll see I'm already on it. So we told the guy this and he stopped in his tracks, poor man. He was stumped. After lots of thought and brainstorming, he decides to put me on an antibiotic of medium strength to prevent a secondary infection. So I'm back on cipro. And then I got my flu shot. Yay! I've never been so excited in my LIFE to get a flu shot. I'm here at college *freaking out* because people are sick all over the place. As soon as the H1N1 shots come out, I'm getting them. I just can't get the flu of any kind!!!

So that was my 4 hour Sunday trip to the doctor.


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