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Friday, September 11, 2009

Daily Life and Background

Daily life for me is in the middle of readjusting to living in a new city for college, but that doesn't change my CF routine. And why doesn't it change my CF routine? Because that routine is such a small part of my life that it takes a lot to be affected.

Whatever time my alarm goes off (or whenever I wake up), the first thing I do it get my morning treatment ready. I'm on auto-pilot during these times, especially those mornings I get up in the 5 am time frame. I do TOBI on the 28 days on/28 days off regimen so when I'm on TOBI it's Albuterol and TOBI, otherwise it's just Albuterol. After I'm ready for school/church/the day, it's breakfast time!! With breakfast I take those morning meds: 5 Pancrease MT20 Enzymes, Oscal Ultra with 600mg of Calcium (and no Iron), Align probiotic, Vitamin E, Vitamin K (every other day), Mucinex, Milk of Magnesia, Zyrtec, and Zitromax (MWF). Come lunch time, I pop 5 more of those Enzymes. If I'm kinda sick or just feeling in need of some better breathing, I do an extra Albuterol treatment whenever I can fit it in in the afternoon. "After school" hours means another meal! And 5 more Enzymes! Dinner brings more of the same and a few more pills: Oscal Utlra again, Prilosec OTC, Milk of Magnesia, and another Mucinex. Sometime before I go to sleep, I do my evening treatment: Albuterol, Pulmozyme, (TOBI when I'm on it), and ~13 minutes of my Vest on pressure 6 and frequency of 11.

To assist with the weight gain, I also drink ScandiShakes (chocolate!). They are fantastic.

I don't have the specifics on my FEV1 but it's usually in the high 60s low 70s with the %. Next appointment, which is late October, I'll try to remember to write it down. I'm 5'4" and ~119lbs.

Hospitalizations: I stayed in the hospital from the time I was born (Oct. 29) until Dec. 10. During that time, I was diagnosed with CF, treated, and had meconium ileus. Because of that, I had surgery to fix it (and they removed my appendix). Sometime when I was 3, I went back due to obstruction and they reopened the same scar from surgery #1 and fixed it. So now I have a sweet 6-inch scar across my stomach just above my belly button. Swimsuit season used to be a curse for me, but now I wear my scar proudly. 7th grade, I went in for my first IV antibiotics because I was so sick. 4 days in the hospital and 2 weeks total on IVs. This was before PICC lines. So I had a needle in my arm. Fun.... not. I've been back in the hospital 3 more times for antibiotics (with PICC lines): once during the end of 11th grade, during Thanksgiving of senior year, and during March of senior year. The March of senior year was for a short course to prepare me for sinus surgery, my first ever. Post-surgery, the day after I was sent home, I fell ill to pneumonia. So back to the hospital I go for more antibiotics and more Vest usages. Of the combined surgery and pneumonia stays, I was there 12 days. That was too long for me.

Genes: I have the DeltaF508 and some rare one that I can't remember the name of it. They just figured out what it was a few years ago. Last I hear, they considered it a "null gene."

Diet: Anything goes. High calorie, high protein, high sodium, high fat, high carb....

Oh, the reason for the milk of magnesia in my diet is because in 5th grade, I had been waking up every morning with severe pain in my abdomen but no doctor ever found anything wrong. Finally, after drinking barium and having a barium anema done, they learned I have a stricture in my colon (narrowing of the colon) and need M.O.M. to help my digestive process.

Family: I have 2 older brothers. Neither have CF. One has been tested so far and he is not a carrier. My other brother will get checked soon. I'm the only known person in my family to have/have had CF.

Not sure what else to tell you! Any questions? My email is at the top of this blog at all times.


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119 is a gain from last I have heard, right? :)