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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Hemoptysis update #2

Alright guys, unknown cystic called me out. I've been MIA about my health updates.

I called my clinic and talked to my doctor. She was glad to hear I put myself back on Vit. K because she would have put me back on it too. She upped my dosage to once a day while I'm on the bactrum (and I still have several days left). I got the ultimatum that if, in 24 hours, I was still coughing up blood, I was to drive home and go see my nurse practitioner (because the rest of my clinic was at the conference!) and get checked out. I was to not exercise or do the Vest, or do anything to stimulate coughing, aside from just my normal day-to-day cough. Otherwise, nothing else was changed.

I prayed hard and waiting for the 24 hours to pass: no blood! I think my lungs got the message that bleeding is not ok and stopped. :] I just started back on the Vest last night, since the hemoptysis had stopped, but I'm being cautious with it. I don't want to start it back up again.

My doctor said it was either just the antibiotics or I actually had a bug of some sort. If I had any bug, I'm guessing the bactrum and Cayston took care of it. But really, I think it was just my lack of Vit. K in my body.

Hooray! Coughing up blood is NOT fun. Glad that's over.

Sorry for the late update, Unknown Cystic. I've been insanely busy with Sigma stuff and finishing catching up on homework from when I missed.


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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update. I'm sure I wasn't the only one who was wondering and concerned.

I am very happy that the bleeding went away and you're busy doing other things.

Stay healthy, please.