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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Hot off the Press: ME!

EXTRA EXTRA!! Read all about it! Boston trip overview: currently put on hold. A more pressing matter has come up! Read on!

A few weeks ago, my dear author friend Betsy asked me if I would send her a little paragraph on what going back to school means to me. "Sure, no problem!" She asked me to throw in a little about my CF and how it makes going back to school a little different than everyone else. "Done." I thought I would end up seeing a link to an article in a few days. However, that's not at all what happened.

I get a phone call at 10 a.m. one morning waking me from a light sleep. "Hi this is Lora with City Life and I'm calling to see when you will be available for the picture for the article about Back to School by Betsy St. Amant." HOLD UP. First off, let me gain consciousness before I can even think to comprehend what you're saying. I was so confused, trying to figure out what this lady is talking about, all while trying to wake up. Picture? City Life? What is going on?! She arranges to come by my house that Thursday to photograph me. I sounded like a complete fool trying to give her directions. I'm pretty sure it came across like I don't know where I live. But, somehow she found my house that Thursday.

I doubled checked with Betsy to make sure this lady was legit and learned that Betsy's story was going to be the cover story for the City Life magazine that's sent out in my city every 2 weeks! COOL!!! It came out today and it is a great article, so please read it! Here is a link: City Life!
The article starts on page 14, the part on me and CF is on page 15, and the picture is on page 16! (If you're looking at a real copy, the pages are off by 1).

I'm really thrilled about how the article turned out!! It's so well written. Please take a few minutes to read it!


ps I graduated in 2009, for those who noticed. :]

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