Who of you by worrying can add a single hour to his life? Since you cannot do this very little thing, why do you worry about the rest? Luke 12:25-26

Monday, August 24, 2009

And the countdown begins....

From Monday, the count is: 9 days until college life. Wowza. That's.... soon.

So I started that running routine and, except for this weekend out of town, it has worked well. I get up ~7:10, do treatment, and try to be out of the door sometime soon after 7:30. I have been taking two laps around my neighborhood running the pace of [3 minutes running, 1 minute casual walking, 1 minute brisk-power walking, repeat]. There is a small hill in my neighborhood. It's small enough that it doesn't intimidate, but steep enough you FEEL it.... oh man. And I start getting weary near the end of lap 2. But I have to keep going. I keep encouraging myself. I keep reminding myself that CF doesn't quit, doesn't take a day off. CF wants nothing more than to win me over, and I take pride in making my goal to stand in the way of some[thing] else's goal. So I run in the way of CF's goal and I keep running. If that makes sense. It's like half symbolism and half real. Haha!

In an upcoming post, assuming nothing drastic happens before then, I plan to kinda give a brief overview on my life: the part with CF, the part without, my family, my sport, my meds, everything. Just lay it all out there so there is no confusion at all about my situation.

One last thing. Hey, CF, you're not going to win this. Are you listening? I am stronger and more determined than you can ever be. You've made me this way, and for this I thank you. However, I don't need you. Please, just try and stop me from living my life. You already have and so far it hasn't worked. Even with a PICC I played physical soccer for a very important game. I push through even when others think I should quit, because of you. I'm going on to be great and you will be nothing but backgruond noise. I'm not afraid of you. Try me. I don't back down from fights, and this is no exception. The more you bother, frustrate, hurt, and try to take over me, the harder I fight back. So c'mon. Bring it. Because I'll bring it right back, 10 fold. You. Will. NOT. Win.


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Alissa said...

Honest to God Annie, this almost made me cry. I love and miss you.