Who of you by worrying can add a single hour to his life? Since you cannot do this very little thing, why do you worry about the rest? Luke 12:25-26

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Annie, meet schoolwork. Schoolwork, stop attacking Annie.

WOW has school taken off. With only a week left until my break (I leave for Lake Charles Friday morning at 8 for a soccer tournament!!) I have a lot left to do! I have been procrastinating from writing here because I don't have the time. I probably still don't, but oh well.

Drama drama drama drama DRAMA. And I'm just going to leave it at that.

And coughing! When did this start because I don't like it. Had a scary morning too. I kept coughing up (not too much...) but normally I'll cough up just a TINY bit and it's over. This time it was continual. It freaked me out and I finally just held my breath to stop coughing altogether. I ran today and that was probably a bad move. I'm suppose to wait 24 hours after coughing up for physical activity, but I honestly forgot until now. Whoops. Maybe my capillary will heal overnight and I don't have to worry about it.

I haven't been getting much sleep (schoolwork again) and I'm getting up between 5 and 5:30 everyday because treatment, plus Tobi, takes 45 minutes in the morning and and hour at night.
So no sleep, plus really stressed, means I don't eat. Which means I'm probably dropping a pound a week (like I did the two weeks I was on IV antibiotics...) and that's not good!! Maybe over break I can stuff myself silly and gain some of it back...

Ok. I really need to do schoolwork. *sigh*


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