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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Annual Blood Draws- my secret weapon

Traditionally, lab work consists of multiple sticks, a few tears, and more than one incompetent phlebotomist (or a trainee). It's a miserable doctor's trip that I dread every winter. But this year was different....

Today was my annual lab work and x-rays. As usual, I've been nervous all day! But, this time I had a secret weapon... my RN. Last time I visited the doctor, I commented on how nervous I was about having my lab work done before the next visit. My RN casually mentioned how good she was at drawing blood and how she would be glad to do it for me.

I have no idea if she was serious, but I took it to heart.

So I called her yesterday asking if she was still up for doing my lab work and if she would be available as soon as the following day. Within an hour, she had gotten everything scheduled for me!

So today, I drove to the Children's Sub-Specialty clinic and meet my RN there. She signed me in, takes me back to a room, and prepares the 7 vials, 2 with foil and one with ice. Before she left to meet me, my other RN warned her how difficult (me and) my veins can be. Luckily, she was up for the challenge.

She prepares my arm as all past nurses have: alcohol wipes to clean it off, rubber tourniquet, and slaps the crook of my arm a few times. She finds a vein (amazingly!!), opens the needle, and slides it in. It was as painless as it could be. She pulls 7 vials of blood in record time, removes the needle, and presses the gauze down. Done.

It was record time and record painlessness. I have NEVER had lab work done so well before. Rarely in one stick and never without difficulty. Until today. I asked my RN if she could possibly do it for me every year! She has a gift.

Finding someone who can pull blood from me without difficult and with little pain is finding a needle in a haystack... and I found her. :]

X-Rays were easy of course as was the sputum culture. Actually, it was all easy today. So unusual! Official doctor's appointment on Tuesday at 9am. As usual, a full report after that.


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